Urban/Vertical farming is a hot topic

But few have concrete knowledge of the associated technical & business challenges.

We at Refarmers, have built and run a pilot-farm, and have helped dozens of growers throughout Europe get into vertical farming. We are one of the very few European companies designing, selling and installing commercial indoor farms for vegetable production.

Our customers range from Franprix – Paris #1 supermarket chain – to Plantagon, one of the oldest companies in vertical farming.

What we can do for you

  • Thinking about starting an indoor farm? Let us help you design a system adapted to your space, whether it is a warehouse, a basement, a shipping container or within a building.
  • Thinking about a new greenhouse? Ready to increase your production of your current space? Let us help you optimize your greenhouse volumetrically with ZipGrow™ Towers.

  • We will design the optimal farming system integrating growing technologies, lighting, monitoring & control. We will work with your HVAC contractors & electricians so they understand the very specific requirements of your system.

  • Having doubts about the profitability of your farm? Our team of indoor farming experts can work with you to understand the feasibility of your future farm and provide financial guidance:
  • An investment plan for your system, including growing technologies, lighting, monitoring & control and horticulture-specific HVAC.
  • Operational expenses & production forecast Marketing & distribution are eventually the key to success. We have the skills & experience to help you define the best strategy.
  • Need to learn the fundamentals of hydroponic farming? Come for a training session at our pilot-farm in Lyon, France, based in a Horticulture & Landscape Professional School.
  • Once your farm is operating, our agronomists & growers can provide ongoing technical & scientific assistance.