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Toward a Circular Paradigm for Urban Food and Food Waste

The growing attractiveness of cities leads to an increasing demand for food and energy in urban centres and make waste management more challenging. To address these issues, DECISIVE aims to develop decentralised schemes for bio-waste management producing local energy and bio-based products meant to be used in urban or peri-farms.

The project will contribute to shifting from a linear paradigm relying on imports of goods and exports of waste, to a circular concept promoting local production, consumption, and waste management.

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DECISIVE: What To Expect

DECISIVE brings together a multi-disciplinary consortium to develop different outcomes making decentralised biowaste management schemes possible.

New Technologies

ICON_ Eco Designed An eco-designed, micro-scale anaerobic digestion treatment process that will be inexpensive and simple to manage.
ICON_ Eco Designed An eco-designed, solid-state fermentation process to treat the digestate produced by the anaerobic digestion plants and provide valuable bio-based products to urban farms among others

Tools and Methods

ICON_ Eco Designed A decision-support tool dedicated to local authorities and environmental service companies and comprising a holistic method for designing a network of valorization areas within the urban zone
ICON_ Eco Designed Communication and training material to inform and engage urban bio-waste producers: households and commercial activities


Demonstration Sites
The new methods, tools and technologies will be implemented and tested in two demonstration sites:

  • In Lyon (France) the system will be implemented on the site of an urban farm to test the coupling of urban bio-waste management with urban farming
  • In Catalonia (Spain) the concept will be tested in an urban context with mainly household waste

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A Work Approach in Two Steps

To reach its obejctives, DECISIVE will develop two complementary work steps:

  • A concept and tools consolidation step to validate the methods and processes allowing the implementation of a network of decentralised anaerobic digestion plants. New technologies, methods and indicators will be developed and integrated in a decision-support tool to allow their
    implementation in urban contexts.
  • An innovative demonstration step to prove the efficiency of the methods and processes. It will focus on the implementation of two demonstration sites, the assessment of the integrated social, ecological, and economic impacts, and the identification of business outlooks.

This two-step approach will take advantage of DECISIVE’s multi-disciplinary team to gather a large knowledge base on bio-waste management.

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