Simple. Productive. Profitable. Efficient.

A complete high-density, controlled environment farming system.

Indoor Farming


Intentionally Simple Indoor Farming Designed for Humans.

The ZipFarm™ is the industry’s leading, indoor vertical farming system empowering urban farmers to grow the freshest leafy greens and herbs for their local markets.

By taking an honest look at the cost of growing food indoors, the ZipFarm™is perfect for startup farmers wanting to grow food now and scale up as they establish their expertise and brand.

Indoor Farming with ZipGrow


Proven crop yields range from 4 to 12 pounds of produce per tower, depending on the crop. Crop turns as short as two weeks.


ZipFarms are designed by farmers, for farmers and that means an intentionally simple farmer-focused experience. No complex machinery and expensive maintenance here.




Big crop yields lead to healthy profits. Time to break-even is measured in months, not years.



Don’t rely on a scissor lift for your vertical farm. The ZipGrow Tower matches the labor efficiency of an NFT system, vertically.

Indoor Farming with LED

A Complete System

ZipGrow™ Towers: the leading vertical growing technology. Towers available in 2 sizes: 5’ (152 cm) or 7’ (213 cm).

Mobile ZipRacks High-Intensity LED Lighting Smart EC, pH & climate control
accommodating 16 to 30 Towers, they allow you to move plants to your working station and save time. They also make you system easily adaptable to any space and scalable. a choice of air- & water-cooled LED lights, depending on your cooling capacity. High intensity & best quality guaranteed. the ZipFarm comes with the most appropriate technology to automate & control your system. HVAC hardware needs to be tailored to your space and is not included.

Indoor Farming 3

Indoor Farm Consulting Financial Guidance Farmer-Focused Support
From finding feasiblity to optimizing your indoor farm layout for production and labor efficiency, our team can work with you prior to and after implementation of your farm. How are your future farm’s financials? What kind of structure is best suited for your climate? Our team of experienced farm advisors can help you find answers these critical questions. Our team exists to help farmers plan, launch and operate successful vertical farms. That means when you choose ZipGrow™, you get personable, post-purchase support.