Our pilot farm is a 320 m² greenhouse, with a 175 ZipGrow™ tower hydroponic system and a small 25 ZipGrow™ tower aquaponic system. We have plenty of extra space for further developments.

It is located at the Lyon-Ecully-Dardilly Horticulture & Landscape Professional School on their 4-hectare site dedicated to urban agriculture. We joined a bee-keeper, and a social organic farming project – “La Ferme de l’Abbé Rozier” (check them out on Facebook), all of this located 1.2 km from the nearest metro (Valmy), and surrounded by a dense urban area.


We called our farm « La Petite Ferme du Grand Lyon » (the Tiny Farm of Greater Lyon) and started selling herbs & leafy greens to local high-end restaurants (including a Michelin star one; )

Check out our Facebook page for more info & photos (and to improve your French!), and come visit.

Our farm will also be a demonstrator for biowaste recycling in 2018 through E.U. funded project DECISIVE (Horizon 2020 programme): a micro-AD unit will power the farm and recycle locally collected biowaste. More info here.