Over the last decade, pioneering urban agriculture company Plantagon has been exploring ways to grow food on a large scale in towns and cities, and developed a highly innovative building-integrated greenhouse concept.

In March 2016, the Swedish company got the opportunity to use a 350 m² basement space, right next to their headquarters, downtown Stockholm. They needed a modular solution to make the most of this challenging space and reached out to REFARMERS for a ZipFarmTM. The farm, Plantagon’s first operation, started growing in Summer 2018.

  • Customer: Plantagon International AB
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Building: 3rd basement level of city centre high-rise building
  • Growing surface area: 350 m²
  • Crops: herbs & leafy greens
  • Production capacity: 27 to 55 tonnes/year
  • Start-up year: 2018



Supply of ZipFarmTM system

  • ZipGrowTM towers & ZipRacks
  • Seedling carts
  • Automated ferti-irrigation unit
  • Water-Cooled LED lighting

Installation from March to November 2018