ZipGrow™ towers offer very high yields for a variety of high value crops – aromatic herbs, leafy greens, strawberries – as proven by academic research, years of experience by dozens of growers.


Designed by farmers, for farmers with intentionally simple, economically appropriate technology. Planting, handling and irrigation: ZipGrow™ towers are very easy to use and are lightweight. No complex machinery and expensive maintenance.


Made from rigid PVC – safe for agricultural use – they are durable enough to hold in to even the toughest growing conditions for decades.


Use ZipGrow™ anywhere at any scale. ZipGrow™ can be installed outdoors, indoors, in a greenhouse, on a rooftop. A ZipGrow™ system can be started small and scales easily.

Today’s farmers need an appropriate technology to make the vertical farming equation work. They need simple, robust systems that produce high yields and keep labour costs low. They need a system that allows them to start farming quickly and scale up when they’re ready.

ZipGrow™ is the patented result of 7 years of R&D by Dr Nate Storey and Bright Agrotech, which was acquired in 2017 by Plenty, the world’s largest vertical farming company. Since its commercial release in 2012 in the US, it has empowered hundreds of innovative farmers worldwide and is the most installed vertical farming technology globally.

ZipGrow™ is mainly applied in 3 growing systems:


The world’s leading indoor farming technology. We provide ZipFarm™ systems with state-of-the-art LED lighting, monitoring & control. The highest yields under any climate.

Greenhouse farming systems

ZipGrow™ make the most of any greenhouse by using their volume. Ideal if you already have a greenhouse or if you enjoy in a warm & sunny climate.

Vertical gardens

Accommodating 2 to 8 towers, our vertical gardens are really edible green walls: they grow fresh food anywhere, but also look and small amazing ! The perfect combo for home, restaurants or hotels or even grocery stores.

Towers are available in 2 sizes:

5’ (152 cm)

The ideal size for greenhouse farming. Tower white sides will light and allow high density, even without supplemental lighting.

8’ (244 cm)

Recommended for indoor farming, where all towers receive lighting. The number of towers per m² can be higher than in a greenhouse. Towers are higher, offering more growing capacity, but can still easily be handled.