Ellinor Helgeson grew up in a farm in the South of Sweden and was thinking of going back to farm life. Looking for innovative farming models, she came across ZipGrowTM and thought this could be exactly what she was after. In Spring 2016, Ellison & her husband bought a few ZipGrowTM towers and started growing. A year later, we received a call from the young couple: “This works great! Can we do a whole farm?”

  • Customer : Björkekull Prima Primörer AB 
  • Location: Rottne, Sweden
  • Building: first floor above stable & parking
  • Growing surface area: 60 m²
  • Crops: herbs & leafy greens
  • Production capacity: 3 to 7 tonnes/year
  • Start-up year: 2018



ZipFarmTM indoor farm system

  • ZipGrowTM towers & ZipRacks
  • Air-cooled LED & Light racks
  • Seedling cart
  • Automated ferti-irrigation unit
  • Monitoring & control

Installation in February 2018