Farm Urban was born out of the Life Sciences Department at the University of Liverpool. The company aims to link leading scientific research with local food production. By taking science fresh from the lab and implementing it at the farm in the heart of urban communities, Farm Urban aims to change both how we do science and how we farm our food.

REFARMERS built their first commercial indoor farm in the basement of the listed building where Farm Urban is based in the trendy Baltic neighbourhood in Liverpool. A challenging site with low ceiling, arches & brick walls, balanced by a great project focused on serving their local community !

  • Customer : Farm urban
  • Location: Liverpool, UK
  • Building: basement (listed building)
  • Growing space: spread around 80 m²
  • Crops : herbs & leafy greens
  • Production capacity: 6 to 11 tonnes/year
  • Start-up year: 2019

REFARMERS installed a ZipGrowTM indoor farm system:

  • ZipGrowTM towers & ZipRacks
  • Automated ferti-irrigation unit
  • Climate computer
  • Seedling station

Installation in September 2019