It all started when three friends and entrepreneurs from the small Swedish town of Tibro found themselves wondering if there was perhaps a way to make the food supply chain more sustainable and resilient by producing more food locally. They realized that emerging technologies had made indoor farming a viable possibility and Tibro had empty warehouses that could be turned into farms. And that’s how Ljusgårda AB was born. Looking for a proven and scalable indoor farming technology, they naturally turned to REFARMERS for a ZipGrowTM indoor farm.

Our goal is to produce tasty high-quality vegetables that our customers can eat with a good conscience. No pesticides, low water consumption and a 100% renewable energy, and since the products are locally produced, we avoid long transports and emission.” says Andreas Wilhelmsson, CEO of Ljusgårda.

  • Customer : Ljusgårda AB 
  • Location: Tibro, Sweden
  • Building: Warehouse
  • Growing space: 300 m²
  • Crops : herbs & leafy greens
  • Production capacity: 16 to 36 tonnes/year
  • Start-up year: 2018


Training to Ljusgårda’s co-founder Magnus Crommert, December 2017

ZipGrowTM indoor farm system:

  • ZipGrowTM towers & ZipRacks
  • Automated ferti-irrigation unit

First installation in November 2018

Doubling of capacity in April 2019