SweGreen – an innovation and technology urban farming company based in Stockholm, Sweden – operates this basement farm since early 2019.

We initially built it for Plantagon, a Swedish company that was developing an innovative building-integrated greenhouse concept. In March 2016, they got the opportunity to use a 350 m² basement space, right next to their headquarters, downtown Stockholm. They needed a modular solution to make the most of this challenging space and reached out to REFARMERS for an indoor farm.

The farm, Plantagon’s first operation, started growing in Summer 2018. As the company failed to materialized their own R&D, they shut down early 2019 and SweGreen took over the farm.

  • Customer: Plantagon International AB (now operated by SweGreen)
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Building: 3rd basement level of city centre high-rise building
  • Growing surface area: 350 m²
  • Crops: herbs & leafy greens
  • Production capacity: 27 to 55 tonnes/year
  • Start-up year: 2018



Supply of indoor farm system

  • ZipGrowTM towers & ZipRacks
  • Seedling carts
  • Automated ferti-irrigation unit
  • Water-Cooled LED lighting

Installation from March to November 2018