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ZipFarm™ - Turnkey Indoor Farming System

Perfect for startup farmers planning to grow food now and scale up as they establish their expertise and brand.

Green house

ZipGrow™ is the best way to utilize your greenhouse. Increase yields with our knowledge and experience.  

Official ZipGrow™ manufacturer and distributor in Europe

Simple, productive, efficient: ZipGrow is the best solution to grow herbs, leafy greens & strawberries.


Urban farming is a serious business!

There are many questions waiting to be answered
and many mistakes that can be made.

We know the tools that
will help you on your way.

We strongly suggest

Upstart online training Online documentation

We manufacture and distribute ZipGrow™ growing hardware – including towers and indoor farming systems.

We provide consultancy, training & support to vertical farming projects throughout Europe & beyond.

We run a pilot-farm in Lyon, France, as a demonstration and R&D site.

Everyone would prefer to eat fresh healthy local produce. But conventional agriculture is based on intensive large-scale mono-crop farming. It runs on oil and chemicals and needs much more resources than this planet can provide. It is neither healthy for the planet nor for farmers and does not produce healthy and tasty food.

Refarmers is reinventing local farming. Providing nutritious, tasty, fresh food wherever people may live: in the city, in the desert, in the mountain. Making the smartest use of resources, and eventually running on what’s locally and ecologically available, like recycled organic waste and renewable energy. This is an ambitious vision and we are working hard towards it, one step at a time.