Hydroponic farming with the ZipGrowTM vertical greenhouse.


Get more from your Greenhouse.
With ZipGrow™ Towers, use the volume of your greenhouse and get more production from the same space.

ZipGrow™ Towers are made from rigid, food-safe PVC and are durable enough to hold up to even the toughest growing conditions for decades. With a highly reflective, single-sided towers design, greenhouse growers can concentrate their natural light to grow more crops that sell.

Refarmers' Greenhouse

Profitable Small Farms
Hydroponic farming can provide a consistent supply of fresh, healthy veggies for your local market. The techniques are appropriate for a number of popular and high-value crops: basil, mint, chives, parsley, kale, lettuce, bok choy, strawberries… And ZipGrow™ will give you much higher yields than any other hydroponic technology on the market. Build your local customer base, and you will be surprised how profitable a small crop operation can be.

3D Modelling Greenhouse

We Can Help You Get Started
Make sure you have the information you need: complete pricing and production information for the greenhouse bundle, including upfront cost, ongoing costs, and revenue projections based on a branded line of leafy greens and herbs. Contact us today: our team at Refarmers can help you design your farm and plan your business:

Greenhouse Consulting Financial Guidance: Project Management:
Thinking about a new greenhouse? Ready to increase your production of your current space? Let us help you optimize your greenhouse volumetrically with ZipGrow™ Towers. Having doubts about the profitably of your greenhouse? Our team of volumetric farming experts can work with you to understand the feasibility of your future farm. Our team exists to help farmers plan, launch and operate successful vertical farms. That means when you choose ZipGrow™, you get personable, post-purchase support.