Abundant Harvests. Simple Maintenance.
A Vertical Garden System Designed for Salad Greens, Flowers, and Culinary Herbs.

Vertical Gardens

What is a Farm Wall™?

The ZipGrow Farm Wall is a ready-to-use Vertical Gardening System.

The Farm Wall relies on the ZipGrow Tower, and comes in 4 and 8 tower configurations.

Soilless production (hydroponic) provides healthy nutrients for your plants, and is able to bring your plants to harvest much more quickly than soil based vertical gardening systems.

4Towers ZipWall

How does it work?

Many leafy greens and herbs can be planted once, and harvested many times.

  1. Start your seeds in a seedling tray.
  2. Transplant seedlings into ZipGrow Towers.
  3. Add water + nutrients to your Farm Wall.
  4. Watch them grow!

The ZipGrow Towers are easily removable for seeding, maintenance, and cleaning.


FarmWall Light Kit

Farm Wall Options: For indoor use and reduced watering schedules

Indoor Vertical Gardening

The Farm Wall Light Kit provides ample lighting for growing through the long winter months.

Use a Top Off Tank to Reduce Your Watering Schedule

The Top Off Tank can replenish your Farm Wall, and reduce the amount of time you spend watering.

Vertical Gardens are Beautiful
The idea goes back to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Often, vertical wall gardening techniques have relied on creepers, trellising, or hanging pots.  Many vertical gardening systems proved effective, but they were bulky, heavy, and difficult to maintain. Often, they required structural reinforcements to the building. Since hydroponic wall gardens don’t require soil (which is heavy), the Farm Wall can be mounted on most surfaces. We understand you need certainty in the Vertical Farming, the modular design.

ZipGrow Towers™ were designed for agricultural production. The towers are easily removable for routine seeding and maintenance. This is why many commercial farmers choose ZipGrow to grow their crops for market. The result is a beautiful wall garden designed for abundant harvests and easy maintenance.

Be Creative and Make Your Own
ZipGrow Towers™ are super modular: get creative and make your own vertical garden!